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"The area that is now Picayune Strand State Forest was part of a failed attempt to create the “worlds largest subdivision”. Fortunately, the project came to a halt, but only after heavily damaging this fragile ecosystem. An odd network of unmaintained roads and canals remain in this subtropical forest on the edge of the Everglades.

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The Picayune Strand State Forest has a curious history. In the 40’s and 50’s a company named Gulf American drained the strand and built roads. They then took potential buyers in an airplane over properties in the dry season. Folks would think they were getting a bargain, but most of the strand floods in the summer. The whole deal was a scam, and helped coin the term “buying swampland in Florida”. It is interesting to note the word picayune means petty or worthless.

Sabal Palm Road is the main drive into the park. Follow this road to the end, around a large half circle road that eventually ends at Miller Blvd."

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