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"Janes Scenic Drive first takes you across a marl or wet prairie dotted with numerous tree islands. Watch for Red-shouldered Hawks and other raptors flying overhead. Gradually it merges into swamp, and the cypress forest closes in on either side of the road. As you drive, you’ll often see ditches on both sides where soil and rock were excavated to make the railroad bed in the 1940s. Watch these ditches for old railroad ties, wading birds and swamp lilies.

Janes Scenic Drive - See https://Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve.php

Culverts under the Drive allow water to flow freely. Watch for sloughs (wider water channels) which provide interesting windows into the Strand. Along the way you will see numerous ferns and epiphytes, particularly bromeliads. You’ll also see a network of side tracks that gave loggers access to the largest trees back in the day. These spurs are referred to as trams, some of which are now used as hiking trails.

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