Chris In the early days of the web when it was smaller and friendlier it was commonplace to have an "about this site" page that gave visitors an idea of who was behind the site. Those days are gone but some of us still like the idea. Without doing any research, or a simple search to attempt to verify my opinion, I find that most sites don't care to let you know who's behind it which may very well also give away the real reason for the site's very existence. You know, selling you something, gathering your personal data, swaying your beliefs, etc. You wont find any of that here.

Prior to moving to Florida my wife and I lived in Minnesota for 25 years, Colorado for 17 years, and now Florida which we chose as a nice place to live at sea level. As 4x4 enthusiasts we spent a lot of time exploring the mountains in Colorado and now I'm turning my attention to photography since Florida is one very flat state forcing me to find new activities. While I miss the Rocky Mountains I don't miss the thin and cold air that make my COPD worse. However, I've found that I love the wildlife of Florida and am grateful to live close to the Everglades and all it has to offer.

I've been building websites since the early days when pages were gray with black text and adding a logo was cutting edge. Things have come a long way and while I no longer keep abreast of the technology I still like to have a website to give me something to do when I feel like messing with one. I kept up on the techniques for years but haven't lately as I retired long ago and am happy to let it pass me by.

I did have to catch up on the responsive website concept which allows legible reading of a website on any device. This website uses bootstrap responsive styles that are built to be a responsive, an approach that’s referred to as mobile-first. Since more and more people are accessing websites from phones or tablets it has become pretty important. I've tested this thoroughly and it works as it should on all devices.

There have been a lot of changes in the field of photography since I left it many years ago in favor of the convenience of phone and point & shoot cameras. I decided to plunge in with both feet and get a good camera I've found I have a lot to learn as I work on the techniques required to take quality photos. I was a bit surprised to find how post processing has become an integral part of digital photography but my goal is to take good photos with the camera rather than becoming adept at Photoshop. My post processing is limited to resizing the photos to display well online and I also occasionally crop photos, but that's about all. These photos are pretty much just as they came out of my camera, I don't claim to be an accomplished photographer and the posted photos cover a range from good photos to snapshots. I hope that as time goes on I'll see improvements from the early photos to the newest.

Being new to Florida Im just learning about the flora & fauna that I like to photograph and am now learning the names of everything. You'll probably notice this in the flowers category more than elsewhere. I've used defining terms such as "yellow flower" or "orchid" in place of the actual names. It also wouldn't surprise me if I've made errors on some birds as well, especially the juveniles that don't have the colors the adults have. If you find an error in any of my content I'd appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes and contact me so I can provide the correct information. Any comments are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!