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Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font to provide a visually pleasing result. As you can see below, not everyone understands the importance of proper use and the unintended results. 

Flickering Lights

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President Barack Obama

President Obama

"For too many of us, it's become safer to retreat into our own bubbles, whether in our neighborhoods or on college campuses, or places of worship, or especially our social media feeds, surrounded by people who look like us and share the same political outlook and never challenge our assumptions. The rise of naked partisanship, and increasing economic and regional (...)

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Online Investment Advice

There are things we all do but shouldn't when it comes to seeking advice and/or information online. The two biggest areas that I think should be avoided or at least done with great care are medical issues and financial issues. 

I'll get into this area a bit more in depth later but figured I'd take a minute and share this screenshot from an investment advisor's website that I ran across a long time ago. 

If this person would show me how to divide my dollar as (...)

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Retirement Investing & Attentiveness

Whether you're approaching your investments from a retirement perspective or just starting out it's critical to find an investment company that you can trust and respect to handle your money responsibly. You want to be comfortable that the company you choose pays attention to your investment and acts appropriately at all times.

Many years ago we switched from one investment company to another after determining we could do better with a different company. To be more precise the year (...)

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2012 KZ Sportsmen 19SBT

After our Thor Wanderer was destroyed by a hail storm we had to find a replacement trailer and opted for another hybrid, this time we went much newer with a 2012 KZ Sportsmen 19SBT. It was hardly used when we bought it and have had nothing but good luck with it so far. 

Looking through my pictures I found I haven't taken any pictures of it in the 2 years we've had. Below is the photo from the ad we responded to and purchased.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 19SBT

It's similar to our old one (...)

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Domain Names for Sale

The following domains of mine are no longer needed by myself or the party that originally wanted them and they are for sale.

If you're interested in one or all feel free to make an (...)

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Retirement "Magic Number"

Everyone wants to retire comfortably and the "Magic Number" brings up an awful lot of opinions attempting to determine for you just how much you need to retire comfortably.

Magic Number

Mr. Zweig, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal's “The Intelligent Investor” stated “To be assured of having enough money to fund a comfortable retirement, you should save a total (...)

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Origins of Sayings

Donut Hole - The hole-in-the-middle doughnut was invented in 1847 when a sea captain's mother deep-fried dough that often remained undercooked in the middle. To solve this problem she put hazelnuts or walnuts in the center (dough-NUT). The captain didn't like the nuts so he poked them out leaving a whole in the middle.

Birthday Parties - The tradition of birthday parties started in Europe a long time ago. It was feared that evil spirits were particularly attracted to people on their (...)

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Delete Your Facebook Account

While I've made it clear I'm not a social media fan I'll go one step farther and help you break away from the great time waster. To anyone that believes what's posted will be out there forever I say bullshit. You can easily delete your account and content.

Step-By-Step Guide to Delete your FB posts.

1. Log in to Facebook.
2. Backup your Facebook data if you want to keep it.

Things to note:
A two week 'deactivation' period is required once you initiate your (...)

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“Hold everything, I want to take a selfie.” Good grief!

The selfie movement is a huge part of social media. It’s dinner time, hold everything? I need a picture! Bought some new shoes? Hold everything! I want to take a picture a them on! Your kids first report card? Show it to the world with you proudly holding it. Apparently anything you do at any given time deserves some variation of selfie. Reality check - nobody cares.

While this is touted as “new (...)

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