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Chris Stafford

This site is currently made up of 147 Albums containing 8521 photos as of 08/21/2016. These photos are from places we've visited during our years in retirement. I don't make any claims of being a "photographer" displaying great photos, these are snapshots taken with a variety of cameras of varying quality. continue

Primary Albums

  • Ancestral Pueblos

    Ancestral Pueblos

    Ancestral Pueblo culture existed from approximately 100 to 1600 A.D. centering where the boundaries of what are now the states of Arizona, New...

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  • National Parks

    National Parks

    These are photos taken from a variety of National Parks we've visited. Most are pretty well-known but become something very different after seeing...

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  • State Parks

    State Parks

    When creating this album I expected more sub-albums than are here. I guess that means we have to pay more attention to State Parks when we're out...

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  • Regional Attractions

    Regional Attractions

    This album is made up of a variety of scenic places to visit that are well worth visiting and may be lesser known than the other albums. Some are...

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  • City Attractions

    City Attractions

    These are not places to see in the city, rather they are a variety of small cities and towns that fall within out interests of old mini g towns,...

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  • Amusing Photos

    Amusing Photos

    Change of pace album. These are simply photos I found around the web that I found amusing, though you may not. If you're very conservative,...

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  • Our 4x4s

    Our 4x4s

    We've had three 4x4's since deciding we need one to see all the places we wanted to see. The ...

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  • 4x4 Videos

    4x4 Videos

    Here are a few videos taken by friends and associates while on trail runs over the years. Some are self-explanatory, some will make you scratch...

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  • Off-Road Trail Runs

    Off-Road Trail Runs

    We're off-road enthusiasts and enjoy getting getting away to the mountains whenever possible. Living close to the Rocky Mountains quickly...

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